European Tours

Be inspired by our destinations below or contact us for a consultation and we will be happy to talk you through the suitable options according to your group. We aim to give each group a unique and off the beaten track experience wherever you decide to go!



The Land of Fire and Ice 

A country and people so connected to the earth. Iceland offers the outdoor enthusiast a magical experience, a truly unique culture and spectacular natural phenomenon combined with a host of culinary delights. Iceland is truly one for the bucket list!



A Hiker’s Paradise

Enjoy long mountain walks, local farm visits, take a llama trek. Visit one of Germany’s many historical castles, take a Rhine cruise or a biking tour. Germany offers an endless amount of fun and activities there is something here for everyone.



Home Sweet Home

Secret countryside hideaways, sea swims or a barge trip along the Royal Canal. What we lack in weather, we more than make up for in our people. Pack your wet gear and enjoy the reward of drying off by a countryside fire accompanied by a hearty meal.