We are a small Irish owned start-up business. We give staff opportunities to work flexible hours, to be creative & to become the masters of their own destiny!

We will ALWAYS promote responsible & sustainable travel by promoting destinations that are not overrun with tourism and where the local economy benefits by creating employment and opportunities for communities.

We will always offset our carbon footprint and where possible reduce travel times. There are so many ways in which you can do this. Ask us for more info!

We give our TIME & financial contributions to organising community events in Dublin for disadvantaged communities and are always looking for suggestions as to our next adventure - or ask us how you can get involved with our current events!

We are in the process of designing our own reusable water bottles to be given to each person who travels with us.

We will ensure suppliers are following similar sustainable goals and doing everything that they can to create a similar community.

Our goal is to become a #BCorp in the future, however in our infancy that is not yet possible but this is the goal we are working towards as it stands for everything we believe in. Check it out!

Broader Minds does not just tick boxes, we are here to create positive change & a happy community for our staff, clients, suppliers and anyone who we have the pleasure to do business with!

We are building a plan to align with @tourismdeclares



We can assure you that all personal  information you send us which is necessary for us to process travel documents by sending to 3rd parties (airlines & hotels etc.) will be used only for these purposes and will be deleted/destroyed upon your return.


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